Photos, videos, music, installed apps and any
other files with unlimited file size.

Junk File Cleaner

Free up space and improve the performance by intelligently scan the junk files.


Backup installed apps to SdCard by 1-Click
File Master is a smart tool for managing files.
File Master helps you to browse and access your files, such as Images, Apps, Music, Downloads, Videos, etc. It also helps you to copy, move, rename, delete and share files from anywhere of your storages.

* Manage your Files Easily
Browse files easily by category right from File Master’s home screen,such as find files you just download to device. Launch, uninstall, and share files that are stored in your device's internal storage to or from a microSD card.

* Explore Recent Files in Homepage
Quick explore and manage photo,apps,files in homepage by one tap.

* Transfer Files
Share or Transfer photos, apps to you friends easily without any traffic cost.

With the lightest and smartest File Master, enjoy you life more easily.
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